Jurgen Klopp held talks with Michael Edwards ahead of Liverpool return

Jurgen Klopp smiles

Jürgen Klopp and Michael Edwards, Liverpool’s returning power as Fenway Sports Group’s chief executive of football, met face to face over the weekend to discuss the club, its current strengths and its challenges, as the German prepares to depart at the end of the season.

Klopp said that Edwards’ return after almost two years away following his resignation in 2022 was a “top solution” to the difficult question of appointing a new manager and sporting director. The two men oversaw one of the most successful periods in the club’s history together over this decade and the previous. Although there were tensions when the pair’s firmly held positions on certain issues did not align.

Edwards, 44, will return as a senior executive answering to the owners, FSG, with his first key appointment to be finalised next week. The details for the arrival of the new sporting director Richard Hughes are expected to be resolved over the coming days. Hughes resigned from Bournemouth this month after 10 years in a similar role there with his departure originally set for the end of the season.

Klopp endorsed the return of Edwards who rose through the hierarchy in his first period at the club to be sporting director. Speaking before Thursday’s Europa League second leg round-of-16 tie against Sparta Prague, Klopp said that the pair had “always had a really good relationship”.

Edwards and Klopp in 2019
Klopp is happy that Edwards is back at Liverpool and has been talking to him through what has changed since his departure in 2022 - John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

“Michael decided to do something else [in 2022] and now he’s back I am really happy,” Klopp said. “I said it a few times, I want to see the club in the best possible place after I leave, so everything we can do as long as I am here, I will do.

“Our conversation [Klopp and Edwards] was great. We spoke about a lot of things – about what I think about different things, players and stuff like this [and] the situation in the club. Because I was in all the time while he was not in, so what had changed and what might have to change. Those kinds of things. A really good talk … I think it’s top news for the club.”

Klopp dismissed any suggestion that Edwards had tried to convince him to rethink the decision he communicated to FSG in November that he wished to leave this summer. “He [Edwards] is not dumb,” Klopp said. “It’s not a subject to talk about, to be honest.” Klopp has been adamant that he wants to leave the club in the strongest possible position and that the development ahead of schedule of his “Liverpool 2.0” team has been one of the chief reasons he has resigned now.

“I just want the club to do as good [sic] as somehow possible,” he said. “I am really sure we created a basis with the right people in charge, and Michael is a top choice.” Klopp said the club was in a “really good moment” as he goes into the last two months of his time in charge.

“For the future it is important how good the team is, how good the players are, how good the structure is and how good the organisation is. That’s where my optimism comes from and that’s why I think it’s a rather good moment to be with LFC.”

Klopp said that Mohamed Salah was ready to play 90 minutes against the Czech champions, whom Liverpool lead 5-1 from the first leg.

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