Jupp returns to Bayern Munich for a FOURTH time, but 'new' boss isn't alone

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Look who’s back: Jupp Heynckes has returned to Bayern Munich….again.
Look who’s back: Jupp Heynckes has returned to Bayern Munich….again.

One of football’s many unwritten rules is, of course, that you never go back. Revisiting the glory days doesn’t exactly have a fantastic track record of success if you are playing or if you’re managing.

If it’s suggested anyone who goes against the old adage needs their head inspected, the doctor has long since been called to help the expected new Bayern Munich manager.

New is the wrong word of course. Veteran tactician Jupp Heynckes has returned to the German giants. Again.

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As they pick their jaws off the floor at the Allianz Arena, four years after stepping aside to allow Pep Guardiola to work his magic the 72-year-old returns for a FOURTH spell in charge in Bavaria.

Heynckes famously led Bayern to a Bundesliga, German Cup and Champions League treble in 2013 but this time around it’s all about crisis management.

He’s not alone though. Here’s our top five football managers who can’t get enough of their favourite club. Just don’t call it a comeback!

Steve Copple (Crystal Palace)

Considering his birthplace of Liverpool, the Bald Eagle always seem to be drawn to Crystal Palace. First taking charge in 1984, Copple returned 11 years later. He was back for more in 1997 and after getting his marching orders somehow found himself back at Selhurst Park in 1999. Having fallen off the managerial merry-go-round, he can now be found in India, in charge of Jamshedpur.

Francesco Guidolin (Palermo)

Swansea fans will demand to know how a manager they should never have appointed has been given a job at the same club on four different occasions since 2004. It’s even more odd when you consider Italian chairmen and patience don’t go back in hand, Guidolin seems to have something special according according to owner Maurizio Zamparini. On incriminating photos!

John Still (Dagenham)

Let’s be honest. Dagenham isn’t an easy sell. The popular website ilivehere.com suggest, perhaps a little harshly, that the East London town is ‘half way to hell’. Yet John Still, one of lower league football’s big characters, can’t get enough of place. He calls it his club, and in 2002 started on a journey. He was back in 2004 and returned to finish it off in 2015. “They’ll have to carry me out of here in a coffin” he said last year.

Tony Parkes (Blackburn)

Good old Tony Parkes. He’s the football equivalent of ‘always the bridesmaid never the bride’. But if you’re marrying Blackburn Rovers, it’s probably better to hope to get lucky with someone on the dancefloor after belting out Build Me Up Buttercup while battered at 1am. Parkes has been Rovers caretaker no fewer than six times but still never got the nod. Lucky escape.

Martin Allen (Barnet)

Once bitten? Well Barnet aren’t ever shy it seems. Martin Allen has walked out on them four times now, but they always find a way of welcoming him back. He went off to Brentford in 2004, Notts County in 2011, Gillingham in 2012 and then to Eastleigh last year. He’s now out of work and – newflash – the Bees have collected just one point from their last five games. Will they pick up the Mad Dog and bone?

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