Here’s proof that Dr. J can still dunk at age 63

Ball Don't Lie

With Monday offering a night off between Game 2 and Game 3 of the 2013 NBA Finals, many NBA fans and players turned their attention to "The Doctor," the new NBA TV documentary celebrating the life and career of Hall of Famer Julius Erving, which debuted on the network last night. In interviews promoting the film prior to its premiere, Dr. J told reporters that while he might not quite be the legendarily acrobatic high flyer he once was, he can still throw down, even after turning 63 this past February.

And now, thanks to the film and smartphone technology, we've got proof:

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What's even crazier: Erving told Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch last week that he's actually dunked three times in 2013, a full 26 years after his last NBA game. That's even more impressive than managing to get your own filming-your-TV-screen reflection in a six-second video clip.

Vine via Ryan Kelly. Hat-tip to FTW.

NBA video from Yahoo! Sports:

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