Julian Edelman tells story of epic encounter with the legendary Kobe Bryant

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Former New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman remembers the day when the Mamba Mentality crossed paths with The Patriot Way.

Kobe Bryant, the late NBA legend, was retired at the time and came in for a visit to speak a little motivation into the Patriots’ staff and players. It was a moment that obviously stood out to Edelman, who called Bryant “one of the most interesting humans” he’s ever met.

“We’d always have legendary people or head coaches or business leaders,” Edelman said on the Games With Names podcast. “They’d come in and speak to the whole team in like the offseason. Speaking of this, Kobe came and spoke to us. He was one of the most interesting humans I’ve ever heard in that climate. He was so interesting, and like his attention to detail and his question asking, like he’d ask us questions so then he could take it where he was going next.

“He wasn’t playing anymore, but I mean, you could just tell that guy was a fierce [expletive] winner. Just eye of the tiger. He’ll [expletive] rip your heart out and would do it over and over and over and over again just to show you you’re not better than him. And you felt that when he spoke. One of the coolest people that came and talked to us before a season.”

The ability to connect with a winner like Bryant must have been a unique experience for every player and coach in that locker room at the time.

Perhaps the coolest takeaway is the fact that the Mamba Mentality doesn’t just end on the court, as Bryant took it with him and found success outside of basketball as well. It’s a mentality with lifelong benefits in all aspects, including sports.

For Edelman, it made for an incredible moment and an even better story.


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Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire