Julian Edelman leans into Patriots as underdogs narrative by selling 'Bet Against Us' shirts

Julian Edelman is leaning in to the whole Patriots as underdogs thing. (AP)
Julian Edelman is leaning in to the whole Patriots as underdogs thing. (AP)

New England wide receiver Julian Edelman really wants to sell you on the narrative that the Patriots are the underdog. Edelman took Tom Brady’s “everyone thinks we suck” comment to the next level Wednesday by selling T-shirts featuring the phrase “Bet Against Us.”

The shirts features a solid blue Patriots logo with the words “Bet Against Us” in red. Edelman revealed the design on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon.

The shirts are available on Edelman’s website, and can be yours for $29.99.

Edelman leaned into that narrative even more, releasing a video from the first time the two teams of this weekend’s AFC championship game met this season.

For this week, that underdog narrative is accurate. The Patriots will have to take on the No. 1 seed in the AFC — the Kansas City Chiefs — in Kansas City. Winning will not be easy.

In general, it’s tough to buy the Patriots are true underdogs, especially considering Brady has been favored in the last 67 games he’s started. You also have to willfully ignore this is the eighth straight season the Patriots have made it to the AFC championship game. They’ve done pretty well for themselves the past few years.

Because of all that, we have to assume Patriots fans will make up 99 percent of the market for these shirts. The other 1 percent will go to the guy whose life goal is to be the most insufferable person on the planet.

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