This Julian Edelman bet for Patriots-Jets game is next-level insane

Julian Edelman has never been afraid of putting his money where his mouth is, but this time, he might be wagering something more valuable than dollar bills in the New England Patriots and New York Jets game.

During a recent episode of Inside the NFL, the former Patriots receiver appears to have agreed to a deal with former Jets receiver Brandon Marshall on a tattoo bet.

“Yeah Jules, so if the Jets win, it’s straight up, right? You have to get a Jets tattoo and vice versa. It’s just simple—simple,” said Marshall.

If that’s considered a “simple” bet, I’d hate to see what a complicated one would consist of for Marshall. But Edelman did agree to the terms on camera.

“Patriots, all day,” said Edelman. “Where are you going to put your tattoo, though?”

If this bet really is locked in, we can only hope Marshall is sporting a beautiful new tattoo after Sunday’s game. This rivalry is obviously bigger than money.


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Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire