Juice appreciates Deebo supporting wife's Purdy vest creation

Juice appreciates Deebo supporting wife's Purdy vest creation originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

Deebo Samuel doesn’t back down when it comes to supporting 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy, proudly rocking a vest depicting the signal-caller’s jersey created by Kyle Juszczyk's wife Kristin ahead of their Week 17 win against the Washington Commanders.

Samuel, a fan of Kristin’s creations, called the wife of San Francisco’s fullback “the truth” on the “Up & Adam’s Show” Tuesday after she made the wideout limited-edition Purdy swag. A comment that made Kyle proud.

Samuel continued to highlight Kristin’s support through her designs.

“[Kristin] wanted to make a vest of me,” Samuel told Kay Adams. “And you know, I wouldn’t necessarily wear it if it had my name on it. So, I had like zero input on what kind of jacket and what was on it. As you go on her pages, just look at all the work she does for us and the stuff she wears to the games, it’s just amazing.”

Samuel appreciated Kristin’s surprise creation and how she always is repping the 49ers. He also made it clear where he and the team stand in terms of their support for Purdy.

“The love that we have for Brock and the love that [Brock] has for the game… I mean, it’s unmatched.”

Samuel recently has engaged in keyboard and podcast wars defending the Iowa State product, calling out Cam Newton and Micah Parsons for their sneaky, arguably disrespectful comments after Purdy's rare struggles.

When appearing on the “Up & Adams Show” after San Francisco’s 33-19 loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Christmas, Samuel explained why his 49ers teammates, specifically Purdy, often are attacked with disrespect.

“It's the Niners. It's the effect we have on everybody," Samuel said. "Nobody wants to see us win, and they all quick to point fingers when things don't go the way they're supposed to go. Everybody knows we're still the best team in the league. It's just crazy how much they try to bring [Purdy] down.”

Samuel is the first to protect his quarterback after both highs and lows. Thanks to Kristin’s awesome vest, Samuel proudly repped Purdy and the 49ers in style.

And as a teammate and husband, Kyle couldn’t be happier.

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