Judge rules in favor of Texans owner Janice McNair, denies older son's request for cognitive exam

A Houston judge ruled in favor of Texans owner Janice McNair on Tuesday, denying her oldest son's request for an independent medical exam to determine her mental capacity, the Houston Chronicle reports.

Robert Cary McNair Jr. is seeking guardianship, with his attorneys arguing that a stroke in January 2022 left Janice McNair mentally incapacitated with limited ability to conduct business.

Cal McNair, her other son who is CEO and chair of the Texans, and Janice McNair’s attorneys argued the 87-year-old widow of Bob McNair already has undergone examinations by two doctors.

“On behalf of Mrs. McNair, and everyone who opposed the motion, we are pleased with Judge [Jerry] Simoneaux’s order denying Cary McNair’s motion for an independent medical examination of Mrs. McNair,” Don Jackson, the attorney for Janice McNair, told the newspaper. “We want to thank Judge Simoneaux and his staff for their diligent efforts.”

Janice McNair's attorneys are expected to ask Simoneaux to dismiss the probate case.

Cary McNair's attorneys originally filed the application for guardianship on Nov. 27.