JT Shrout Discusses His Cal Commitment and Plans Going Forward

Trace Travers, Publisher
Golden Bear Report

Nick Lucero/Rivals.com

It was time to kick their heels up and Shrout, as the Cal coaching staff got their 2018 QB in Hart HS's JT Shrout Monday. After a Friday visit and some rumination over the weekend, Shrout made the call to commit in part to the 'home' feeling he got from the staff and the ever important degree.

"I got to go up and visit on Friday again and spent the whole day with the coaching staff," Shrout said, "talk with a lot of the people that work there, it felt like home, and I loved everything. The football side of it is great and then the academic side of it is amazing too and that’s a huge factor for me, just being to know that if football ends up not working out after college ball and you don’t get the opportunity to go play in the NFL, you have your degree to fall back on, so that was huge."

Shrout, who was offered right at the end of May, had a relationship with his soon-to-be offensive coordinator even before the offer, as the QB he backed up a year ago Nick Moore, signed with Beau Baldwin's former school, Eastern Washington.

"I knew coach Baldwin when he was up with Eastern Washington," Shrout said, "so I got to go up to a camp and meet him and talk to him a little bit, so I’ve known him for about a year now."

The relationship between Shrout, Baldwin, and his future QB coach Marques Tuiasosopo was another factor in decision that has Shrout excited to come to Cal.

"It’s great, I love both of those guys," Shrout said, "they’re phenomenal football coaches and phenomenal men and leaders, so to be able to have the opportunity to go play for them is phenomenal, and I’m really excited."

Shrout has reached out to the rest of the commits in the class, but there's one he already has a bit of familiarity with in Nikko Remigio.

"We played 7 on 7 together," Shrout noted of the Mater Dei WR, "so we’re buds, so I’m happy that we’re going to be able to throw a lot of touchdowns in the future."

Now, Shrout is set to recruit a bit for the Bears as one of the leaders of his class.

I’ll be starting recruiting for Cal right now, so we’ll see," Shrout said, "I don’t think there’s anyone in particular. Just find the right fits for the school."

As for the status of his commitment? It's rock solid.

"I’m 100% committed. I don’t plan on flipping at all," Shrout said, "I can’t wait until signing day so I can officially become a Cal Bear".

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