The annual ultimate free-agent tracker

Here is the free-agent class of 2010-11, ranked from Nos. 1 to 164. The rankings are based on a number of variables, including each player's history, age and potential, and they reflect a combination of predicted performance and market value, providing a general outline as free agency unfolds between now and spring training.

Bookmark this page and return frequently. As the offseason progresses, Yahoo! Sports will update it with news of signings and their impact on the other free agents, as well as a supplementary list of players who are non-tendered by their current teams.

1. Cliff Lee(notes), SP: SIGNED Lee returns to the Phillies, the team he led to the 2009 World Series, for a surprising five-year deal worth $120 million, with a vesting option for a sixth year. Brown story

2. Carl Crawford(notes), OF: SIGNED Crawford heads to New England and joins the Red Sox in a seven-year deal worth $142M. Brown column

3. Jayson Werth(notes), OF: SIGNED Werth snagged a gaudy deal with the Nationals, worth $126 million over seven years. Passan column

4. Adam Dunn(notes), 1B/OF: SIGNED Dunn is headed to the Windy City, signing with the White Sox for $56 million over four years. Story

5. Adrian Beltre(notes), 3B: SIGNED The Rangers gain one of the game's best defensive third basemen and Beltre earns the sort of deal he couldn't fetch last offseason. Story

6. Victor Martinez(notes), C/1B: SIGNED The Tigers went long on a pure hitter who they will find a spot for in the lineup regardless of how long he can remain a catcher: five years, $50 million. Big League Stew

7. Mariano Rivera(notes), RP:RE-SIGNED Rivera accepted a two-year, $30 million deal to remain a Yankee rather than take a three-year deal from the Red Sox. Big League Stew

8. Rafael Soriano(notes), RP: SIGNED Soriano is headed to the Big Apple for a deal worth $35 million over three years.

9. Hiroki Kuroda(notes), SP:RE-SIGNED The Dodgers kept hold of Kuroda after signing him to a one-year deal worth $12 million. Story

10. Derek Jeter(notes), SS:RE-SIGNED After a bit of acrimony, Jeter signed for three years and $51 million, with a player option for a fourth year at $8 million. Brown column

11. Andy Pettitte(notes), SP:RETIRED Pettitte called it a 16-year career, and has five World Series rings with the Yankees along with the memories. Brown column

12. Jake Westbrook(notes), SP:RE-SIGNED The Cardinals re-signed Westbrook to a two-year deal for a reported $16.5 million. Story

13. Carl Pavano(notes), SP:RE-SIGNED Pavano loves the Twins and they love him. The right-hander will remain in Minnesota after agreeing on a two-year, $16.5 million contract.

14. Tsuyoshi Nishioka, SS/2B:SIGNED A speedy leadoff hitter whose swing looks like Ichiro's but whose game is more like Chone Figgins', Nishioka was signed by the Twins to a three-year, $9.25 million deal. Story

15. Carlos Pena, 1B: SIGNED Pena heads to the Cubs after inking a one-year deal worth $10M. Henson story

16. Paul Konerko(notes), 1B: RE-SIGNED Konerko returns to the White Sox after inking a three-year deal worth $37.5M. Henson story

17. Jorge de la Rosa(notes), SP:RE-SIGNED De la Rosa turned down four-year offers to return to the Rockies on a two-year, $21 million deal that includes a player option for a third year.

18. Manny Ramirez(notes), OF:SIGNED The Rays signed him on a one-year, $2 million deal to DH and perhaps play a few games in left field – cover your eyes.

19. Orlando Hudson(notes), 2B:SIGNED At 32, Hudson finally landed a two-year deal. The small-market Padres splurged and will pay him $11.5 million.

20. Joaquin Benoit(notes), RP:SIGNED The Tigers inked Benoit to a three-year deal worth $16.5 million.

21. Kerry Wood(notes), RP:SIGNED Excelled with the Yankees and now returns to his roots, signing with the Cubs for one year and $1.5 million.

22. Juan Uribe(notes), IF:SIGNED Pop and the ability to play all infield positions were enough for the Dodgers to give him $21 million over three years. Brown column

23. Aubrey Huff(notes), 1B:RE-SIGNED The Giants rewarded the resurgent Huff for his meritorious service in 2010, giving him a two-year, $22 million deal. Story

24. Derrek Lee(notes), 1B: SIGNED The power remains. The defense is good enough. And the Orioles signed Lee to a one-year deal worth about $8 million with incentives that could hike the value to about $10 million. Story

25. Javier Vazquez(notes), SP:SIGNED Vazquez signed a one-year, $7 deal with the Marlins, a low-profile team close to his family in Puerto Rico. Henson story

26. Adam LaRoche(notes), 1B: SIGNED Pending a physical, LaRoche will go to the Nats on a two-year deal, filling a void left by first baseman and cleanup hitter Adam Dunn. Story

27. Brad Penny(notes), SP:SIGNED The injury-prone Penny signed a one-year, $3 million deal with the Tigers that includes another $3 million in performance bonuses. Story

28. Jim Thome(notes), DH: RE-SIGNED Bunyan wants bank, and after his second half last year, the Twins agreed to bring him back at age 40 for one year at $3 million. Story

29. Jon Garland(notes), SP:SIGNEDHeaded for a second stint (one year at $5M) with the Dodgers, who are trying to match the Giants' pitching. Story

30. Magglio Ordonez(notes), OF/DH:RE-SIGNED He always hits, finishing better than .300 in 10 of his 13 full seasons, and the Tigers know it, re-signing him to a one-year, $10 million deal.

31. Vladimir Guerrero(notes), DH:SIGNED Incredible first half, mediocre the second half, exposed in the playoffs. But worth a one-year, $8 million deal to the Orioles. Story

32. Scott Downs(notes), RP: SIGNED The Angels continued to strengthen their bullpen, signing Downs, the best free-agent lefty reliever, to a three-year, $15 million deal. Story

33. Chris Young, SP:SIGNED The Mets signed the oft-injured Young to a one-year deal.

34. Grant Balfour(notes), RP:SIGNED Fastball, fastball, fastball. And it's a good one, good enough to land a two-year, $8.1 million deal with the A's. Story

35. Brian Fuentes(notes), RP: SIGNED Death to lefties and effective against righties, Fuentes signed two-year, $10.5 million deal with the A's.

36. Jhonny Peralta(notes), SS/3B: SIGNED Detroit got itself the anti-Adam Everett(notes), re-signing Peralta to a two-year, $11.25 million deal to play shortstop.

37. Koji Uehara(notes), RP:RE-SIGNED Tremendous command with underwhelming stuff, Uehara was re-signed by the Orioles to a one-year, $3 million contract with a vesting option for 2012 even though he wants to start and the team wants him as a closer.

38. J.J. Putz(notes), RP:SIGNED Putz heads to the Diamondbacks in a two-year deal worth $10 million. Story

39. Johnny Damon(notes), OF/DH:SIGNED With 429 hits needed to reach 3,000, Damon signed a one-year, $5.25 million deal with the Rays that can be boosted by up to $750,000 based on home attendance. Story

40. Hisanori Takahashi(notes), SP/RP:SIGNED A swingman who was much more effective in relief, Takahashi signed a two-year, $8 million deal to pitch out of the bullpen with the Angels. Story

41. Jason Frasor(notes), RP: RE-SIGNED Undersized righty who has struck out 273 in 275 2/3 innings the last five seasons accepted arbitration and will return to the Blue Jays for a salary in the $3 million range. Story

42. Matt Guerrier(notes), RP:SIGNED Workhorse right-hander is good for 75 appearances, and he'll make them for the Dodgers, who signed him to a three-year, $12 million deal. Story

43. Jon Rauch(notes), RP:SIGNED Solid, workmanlike bullpen piece who can pitch in any inning signed a one-year, $3.5 million deal with the Blue Jays.

44. Russell Branyan(notes), 1B/DH:SIGNED Consistently undervalued. He's always an injury risk – and he always will hit 20 home runs given 350 plate appearances. Branyon signed a minor league deal with the Diamondbacks, but could become a free agent again if he doesn't make the opening day roster.

45. Pedro Feliciano(notes), RP:SIGNED Led NL in appearances three straight seasons, including 92 last year. Now he moves across town and to the other league, signing a two-year, $8 million deal with the Yankees. Story

46. Lance Berkman(notes), 1B/DH:SIGNED Berkman is slated to be the everyday left fielder for the Cardinals, who signed him to a one-year deal for $8 million. Story

47. Hideki Matsui(notes), DH: SIGNED Matsui makes the short trek in the AL West to play for the Oakland A's. Story

48. Frank Francisco(notes), RP:RE-SIGNED Francisco accepted arbitration from the Rangers and will return on a one-year deal.

49. Jesse Crain(notes), RP:SIGNED Crain threw his devastating slider nearly 50 percent of the time, and to great success, and looked what it landed him: a three-year, $12 million deal with the White Sox.

50. John Buck(notes), C:SIGNED Buck heads to South Florida to play for the Marlins after inking a three-year deal worth $18 million. Story

51. Bill Hall(notes), IF:SIGNED Versatile utility guy with moderate power will play second base for the Astros after signing a one-year, $3 million deal.

52. Pat Burrell(notes), OF: RE-SIGNED Burrell heads back to the Bay after signing a one-year, $1 million deal with the Giants. Story

53. Miguel Olivo(notes), C:SIGNED Absurd strikeout-to-walk ratio (800 to 108 non-intentional for his career) offset by plus power for catcher and plus arm behind the plate. The Mariners signed him to a two-year, $7 million deal.

54. A.J. Pierzynski(notes), C: RE-SIGNED Thin catching market is the only saving grace for soon-to-be 34-year-old who was re-signed by the White Sox for two years and $8 million. Story

55. Ramon Hernandez(notes), C:RE-SIGNED Hernandez and the Reds came to an agreement on a one-year deal worth $3 million.

56. Miguel Tejada(notes), 3B/SS: SIGNED With Juan Uribe gone to rival Los Angeles, the veteran who got his start across the Bay became a logical fix for the Giants. Story

57. Kevin Gregg(notes), RP: SIGNED The Orioles have agreed to a $10 million, two-year contract with the right-handed reliever, according to an AP source. Story

58. Vicente Padilla(notes), SP: RE-SIGNED Elevated home run rate masked otherwise solid numbers. Padilla re-signed with the Dodgers on a one-year, $2 million deal even though he isn't guaranteed a spot in the starting rotation.

59. Dan Wheeler(notes), RP:SIGNED His ability to limit hits is too consistent to be fluky, and the Red Sox rewarded it with a one-year, $3 million contract with a $3 million option for 2012 that vests with 65 appearances.

60. David Eckstein(notes), 2B: Second-best second baseman. And you wonder why so many teams try to shift players from other positions to second.

61. Rich Harden(notes), SP:SIGNED Still just 29. Still incapable of making it through a full season healthy. And still well worth an incentive-loaded deal, which the A's gave him, along with a $1.5 million guarantee for 2011. Story

62. Ty Wigginton(notes), IF:SIGNED Wiggington heads to the Rockies after inking a two-year contract worth $8 million. Story

63. Eric Hinske(notes), UT:RE-SIGNED Rare utilityman who can hit for power and produce every day if prodded into duty was re-signed by the Braves for one year and $1.45 million. Story

64. Marcus Thames(notes), OF:SIGNED Although Thames was best against righties last season (.300/.347/.549), the Dodgers signed him to platoon with Jay Gibbons and bat mostly against lefties.

65. Brandon Webb(notes), SP:SIGNED Webb, the 2006 NL Cy Young winner, has pitched only innings in the last two years because of injuries. The Rangers signed him to a one-year deal that includes $3 million guaranteed and another $8-10 million in incentives. Story

66. Xavier Nady(notes), OF:SIGNED At 32 and coming off the worst season of his career, Nady nevertheless signed a one-year, $1.75 million deal with the Diamondbacks to either play first base or the outfield.

67. Bruce Chen(notes), SP: RE-SIGNED The Royals brought back Chen on a one-year, $1.5 million deal.

68. Brad Hawpe(notes), OF:SIGNED From .500-slugging All-Star to washout at 31, Hawpe will get a shot to provide offense and perhaps play first base for the anemic Padres after signing a one-year, $3 million deal. Story

69. Jose Contreras(notes), RP:RE-SIGNED Even at 39, Contreras signed a two-year, $5.5 million deal with the Phillies.

70. J.C. Romero(notes), RP: RE-SIGNED Effective lefty specialist whose control problems are a bugaboo will be back with the Phillies, who declined his $4.5 million option then re-signed him for much less.

71. Chad Qualls(notes), RP: SIGNED Good add on the cheap for team in need of bullpen help, and the hometown Padres signed him to a one-year, $2 million deal.

72. Rick Ankiel(notes), OF: SIGNED Ankiel heads to the Nationals in a one-year deal worth $1.5 million.

73. Jorge Cantu(notes), IF:SIGNED Slumped after trade to Texas and was only able to land a one-year, $850,000 deal with the Padres. Still just 28, he has time to rebuild his value. Story

74. Kevin Millwood(notes), SP: Consistently subpar: ERA between 5.07 and 5.16 in three of the last four seasons.

75. Lyle Overbay(notes), 1B: SIGNED After spending the last five years with the Blue Jays, Overbay is headed to the Pirates in a one-year deal worth $5 million.

76. Jim Edmonds(notes), OF:SIGNED Played very well in part-time duty and could latch on with the Cardinals after signing a minor league deal. Story

77. Dennys Reyes(notes), RP:SIGNED The game's oldest 33-year-old, a LOOGY (lefty one-out guy) extraordinaire, joins his 11th team in 15 seasons after signing a minor league deal with the Red Sox.

78. Arthur Rhodes(notes), RP: SIGNED Primed to pitch his 20th season after excellent back-to-back years in Cincinnati, Rhodes signed with the Rangers for one year at $3.9 million and a vesting option for a second year at $4 million. Story

79. Erik Bedard(notes), SP:RE-SIGNED Despite injuries that have sidelined him the last two seasons, Bedard was re-signed by the Mariners to a non-guaranteed contract.

80. Justin Duchscherer(notes), SP/RP:SIGNED The oft-injured right-hander signed a one-year with the Orioles that guarantees him $700,000 and could be worth as much as $4.5 million if he makes 30 starts. Story

81. Nick Johnson(notes), DH: The Justin Duchscherer of hitters.

82. Aaron Harang(notes), SP:SIGNED The Padres gave a one-year, $3 million deal to Harang, who is from San Diego and whose flyball tendencies won't kill him in Petco Park. Story

83. Bengie Molina(notes), C: Capable of a big hit every once in a while, but that doesn't justify a starting job if he chooses to return.

84. Kyle Farnsworth(notes), RP: SIGNED As long as he's throwing 95 with low walk rates, he'll have a job, and it was the Rays who gave it to him, signing Farnsworth to a one-year, $3.25 million deal.

85. Yorvit Torrealba(notes), C:SIGNED The Rangers signed Torrealba to a two-year, $6.25 million deal to replace veteran and older free agent Bengie Molina. Story

86. Rod Barajas(notes), C:SIGNED The decent-slugging, miserable on-base catcher signed a one-year deal with the Dodgers the day after Russell Martin was non-tendered.

87. Kevin Correia(notes), SP/RP: SIGNED Although he didn't pitch well in the second half last season, Correia landed a two-year, $8 million deal with the Pirates. Story

88. Troy Glaus(notes), 1B: On and off, hot and cold, Glaus re-established himself as a big leaguer. Just not a starter.

89. Jerry Hairston Jr.(notes), UT:SIGNED Hairston can be a glue guy on a good team, and the Nationals signed him to a one-year, $2 million deal.

90. Orlando Cabrera(notes), IF:SIGNED Credit where it's due: 2011 will be his 15th season, and he'll spend it playing second base for the Cleveland Indians after signing a one-year deal, if he can win the job.

91. Chris Capuano(notes), SP/RP:SIGNED Great comeback story can write another chapter after signing a one-year, $1.5 million deal with the Mets that includes performance bonuses. Story

92. Jeff Francis(notes), SP:SIGNED Plus control after he returned from a year-plus layoff, and the Royals took a chance, signing him to a one-year, $2 million deal that includes an additional $2 million in incentives.

93. Andruw Jones(notes), OF: SIGNED The key is limiting his at-bats and keeping him out of center field, and the Yankees will do that after signing him to a one-year deal as a right-handed hitting option off the bench.

94. Chad Durbin(notes), RP: Workaday reliever who shouldn't lack for suitors in need of mop-up pitching.

95. Joe Beimel(notes), RP:SIGNED Still plenty effective as a LOOGY, and he'll try to make the Pirates on a minor league deal. Beimel's hometown is a Pittsburgh suburb.

96. Jarrod Washburn(notes), SP: Should be healthy after a year off. Should be rusty, too. Will he lower his asking price for Milwaukee or Minnesota?

97. Miguel Cairo(notes), UT: RE-SIGNED The Reds re-signed the veteran utility infielder and clubhouse leader to a two-year, $2 million contract. Story

98. Felipe Lopez(notes), IF:SIGNED A total flake, but he's only 30 and can play every infield position, so the Rays gave him a minor league deal.

99. Cesar Izturis(notes), SS: RE-SIGNED The epitome of a good-field, no-hit infielder, Izturis will return to the Orioles on a one-year, $1.5 million deal even though the acquisition of J.J. Hardy means he is likely a utility player. Story

100. Miguel Batista(notes), RP:SIGNED Perhaps the budding poet can write a haiku about an offseason that ended with him taking a spring training invitation and minor league contract with the Cardinals. Free agency is/awfully harrowing if you/have middling stuff

101. Austin Kearns(notes), OF: SIGNED Kearns is headed to the Indians – with whom he spent the first half of the 2010 season – after inking a one-year deal worth $1.3 million.

102. Dave Bush(notes), SP:SIGNED Junkballer signed a minor league deal with the Rangers that would pay him $1 million if he makes the club with another $1 million in incentives.

103. Melky Cabrera(notes), OF: SIGNED Cabrera heads to the Royals in a one-year deal worth $1.25 million. Story

104. Melvin Mora(notes), UT: SIGNED Mora heads to the Diamondbacks in a two-year deal worth $4 million.

105. Omar Vizquel(notes), IF: RE-SIGNED An able fill-in with plus defense at all the infield positions, Vizquel was overused with Chicago but returns for another year as he approaches his 44th birthday. Story

106. Craig Counsell(notes), IF:RE-SIGNED Rare is the middle infielder who can play through his 40th birthday – only 10 in the last 50 years – and Counsell will join that group after re-signing with the Brewers for one season.

107. Ron Mahay(notes), RP:SIGNED Turns 40 in June and lost nearly 2 mph of velocity last year. The Dodgers signed the left-hander to a minor league deal.

108. Guillermo Mota(notes), RP:RE-SIGNED Even though he threw beer during the Giants' championship celebration better than he threw pitches, Mota will be back with San Francisco on a minor league contract.

109. Chan Ho Park(notes), RP:SIGNED Park signed with the Orix Buffaloes of the Japanese League on a one-year, $1 million contract.

110. Jeremy Bonderman(notes), SP: Awful walk year for someone who, at 28, should be cashing in on a free agent payday.

111. Freddy Garcia(notes), SP:SIGNED Miserable strikeout rate leaves him only with his reputation, but the Yankees need a starter and signed him to a minor league deal that pays him $1.5 million if he makes the team and could rise another $2.1 million if he makes 30 starts.

112. Octavio Dotel(notes), RP: SIGNED His fastball doesn't sizzle nearly like it used to, but Dotel got a one-year, $3.5 million deal from the Blue Jays.

113. Gregg Zaun(notes), C: SIGNED Remains a plenty capable backup at 40, and he'll try to make the Padres roster after signing a minor league contract.

114. Reed Johnson(notes), OF:SIGNED Solid late-inning defensive replacement signed a minor league deal with a team with which he has a history, the Cubs.

115. Jason Giambi(notes), DH:RE-SIGNED The Rockies will keep Giambi on the bench, but first he has to make the club after signing a one-year, $1 million non-guaranteed deal.

116. Edgar Renteria(notes), IF:SIGNED The World Series hero signed a one-year, $3 million deal with the Reds after he found an offer by the Giants insulting.

117. Matt Stairs(notes), OF/PH: SIGNED Stairs agreed to a non-guaranteed, minor league contract with the Nationals.

118. Will Ohman(notes), RP: SIGNED At 33, he still has a good dozen years left to get out one guy at a time, and the White Sox will pay him $4 million over the next two years.

119. Aaron Heilman(notes), RP:RE-SIGNED Heilman declined arbitration after making $2.15 million in 2010, then re-signed with the Diamondbacks for $2 million. Not the greatest judgment.

120. Elmer Dessens(notes), RP: How one manages a 2.30 ERA with 16 strikeouts in 47 innings with a 43.5 percent fly ball rate defies all reason, but Dessens managed it. A minor league deal with the Giants that would pay him $600,000 if he spent the entire season in the big leagues fell through, however, and he is still a free agent.

121. Randy Choate(notes), RP: SIGNED Choate is headed to the Marlins after inking a two-year deal worth $2.5 million. Story

122. Willie Bloomquist(notes), UT: SIGNED Middling utilityman brings smart baserunning, versatility and little else. The Diamondbacks signed him to a one-year, $1.05 million deal with a mutual option for 2012.

123. Rocco Baldelli(notes), OF:RETIRED Baldelli retired after seven seasons and has taken a position as a special assistant with the Rays. Story

124. Adam Kennedy(notes), 2B:SIGNED Kennedy has flourished with AL West teams the Angels and A's, now he'll try to extend his career by making the roster of the Mariners after signing a minor league deal. He'll make $750,000 if he makes the team and the contract also includes incentives based on plate appearances.

125. Gerald Laird(notes), C:SIGNED Laird signed a one-year deal with the Cardinals to serve as a certain seldomly used backup to Yadier Molina.

126. Jose Guillen(notes), OF/DH: Still capable of hitting in fits and spurts. Second connection to HGH, however, could make him toxic.

127. Nick Punto(notes), IF:SIGNED The original piranha got a bite from the Cardinals, signing a one-year, $700,000 deal.

128. Jason Varitek(notes), C: RE-SIGNED The Red Sox are bringing Varitek back for one more year as a backup, paying him $2 million. Story

129. Cristian Guzman(notes), 2B: Brutal finish. Couldn't even crack Texas' playoff roster.

130. Matt Treanor(notes), C:RE-SIGNED This time around Treanor, who re-signed with the Rangers for one year and $850,000, will back up Yorvit Torrealba. Story

131. Geoff Blum(notes), IF:SIGNED Blum was the first free agent to switch teams, inking a two-year deal worth $1.35 million annually with the Diamondbacks.

132. Henry Blanco(notes), C: SIGNED Solid career backup signed a one-year, $1.25 million contract with the Diamondbacks, his ninth team. The deal includes a mutual option for 2012.

133. Mark Kotsay(notes), 1B/DH:SIGNED His swing looks dial-up slow, but the Brewers gave him a one-year deal for $800,000 guaranteed and another $350,000 in incentives.

134. Rodrigo Lopez(notes), SP:SIGNED Led the NL in losses, earned runs allowed and home runs yielded, yet the Braves signed him to a minor league deal as rotation insurance.

135. Julio Lugo(notes), 2B: It's one thing to slug lower than your on-base percentage. It's another to do so when both are sub-.300. A complete nonentity.

136. Jeff Suppan(notes), SP/RP:SIGNED Not a big market for an 87-mph-throwing 16-year veteran, but the Giants gave him a minor league deal. Story

137. Randy Flores(notes), RP:SIGNED Left-handed, pulse. Therefore, a minor league deal with the Padres.

138. Jamey Wright(notes), RP:RE-SIGNED The Mariners will give Wright another shot on a minor league deal.

139. Mark Hendrickson(notes), RP:RE-SIGNED Hendrickson's days as a starter are likely over, but the Orioles are giving him a shot to make the bullpen on a minor-league deal that would pay him $900,000 if he makes the team.

140. Jay Payton(notes), OF:SIGNED He impressed in a 35-at-bat late-season stint, his first in the big leagues since 2008, and signed a minor league deal with the Rockies.

141. Scot Shields(notes), RP: Command is gone, and with it, his value.

142. Corey Patterson(notes), OF:SIGNED Signed a minor league deal with the Blue Jays.

143. Willie Harris(notes), UT: SIGNED His skills are on a decline, and all he could get was a minor league deal from the Mets.

144. Mike MacDougal(notes), RP:SIGNED Still utterly clueless as to where the ball is going, but the Dodgers are giving him an opportunity to find out with a minor league deal.

145. Randy Winn(notes), OF: SIGNED The Orioles signed Winn to a minor league deal with a chance to make the club as the fifth outfielder.

146. Fernando Tatis(notes), 1B: Coming off an injury-filled season and, at 36 on New Year's Day, may retire.

147. Aaron Miles(notes), IF:SIGNED Miles signed a minor-league deal with the Dodgers.

148. Pedro Feliz(notes), 3B:SIGNED Won dubious title of Worst Position Player by FanGraphs' WAR, which is probably why he was only able to land a minor league deal with the Royals. Story

149. Josh Bard(notes), C:RE-SIGNED He'll again try to make the Mariners' roster after signing a minor league deal.

150. Jeff Weaver(notes), SP/RP: Yep, it gets worse.

151. Brian Moehler(notes), RP: Coming off a torn groin at 38 is a recipe for a minor league deal.

152. Chad Tracy(notes), 3B:SIGNED Tracy signed a one-year, $1.3 million deal with the Hiroshima Carp of the Japanese League.

153. Mike Sweeney(notes), DH: Could try to scratch out another season off a minor league invitation after winning roster spots each of the last two years.

154. Gabe Kapler(notes), OF:SIGNED Kapler, who grew up in Southern California, signed a minor league deal with the Dodgers.

155. Mike Hampton(notes), SP/RP:RE-SIGNED Patron saint of Harden, Bedard and Duchscherer will be back with the Diamondbacks on a one-year minor league contract with an invitation to spring training.

156. Trevor Hoffman(notes), RP: RETIRED A certainty for the Hall of Fame, Hoffman retires as the all-times saves leader.

157. Jorge Sosa(notes), RP: Will go same route as always: Sign a minor league deal, pitch well at Triple-A, wait for an injury, get called up and stink.

158. Chad Moeller(notes), C:SIGNED Signed a minor league deal with the Rockies.

159. Kelvim Escobar(notes), RP:Of all Omar Minaya's bungles, the funniest might be giving $1.25 million to a guy who had thrown five innings since 2007 and watching him get hurt almost immediately. This time around, it's minor league deal or retirement.

160. Eric Chavez(notes), 3B: SIGNED The veteran takes his injury-ravaged body to the minors with the Yankees in a last-ditch attempt to revive his career.