JP Finlay: "I think both Smith and Haskins will end up playing and starting"

Jordan Giorgio
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JP Finlay: "I think both Smith and Haskins will end up playing and starting" originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

In the wake of Kyle Allen's injury, a lot of question marks surround who is the best fit to lead the Washington Football Team's offense moving forward. NBC Sports Washington's Brian Mitchell and JP Finlay agree with head coach Ron Rivera's decision to start Alex Smith. Although, if things don't improve, both believe it should be Dwayne Haskins' time.

"I expected them to go with Alex, because he's the guy that was the backup quarterback," Mitchell said. "You heard that we're trying to win the division and we're sitting at 2-6 now, so if things don't improve I think you have to figure out a way to get Dwayne Haskins back in there just in case he starts to play well. If you want to get rid of him, you can get something for him".

Despite the three interceptions Alex Smith had in Washington's loss to the Giants which ultimately cost them the game, Finlay thought Smith played reasonably well.

"I think you go with Alex still, I think both these guys will end up playing and starting because this is Washington where chaos is normal."

Though 2-6, Rivera still believes Washington has a dog in the fight for the NFC East division and feels confident in Smith moving forward. Although a couple more loses could force Rivera back to Haskins and you know that change won't be an easy one.Download and Subscribe to the Washington Football Talk Podcast