Unmuted: Journalist Noor Tagouri on Muslim misrepresentation in media and travel

“I realized that my strength in my storytelling, was who I was — it was my identity,” Noor told Yahoo Lifestyle. Tagouri launched her own production company called At Your Service, where she creates original video content and hosts Podcast Noor. In addition to finally owning her own work, Tagouri appreciates the opportunity to tell more meaningful stories.

“I really believe that storytelling is a form of service. I think that when someone shares their truth with you, that is them being of service to their community and to you as a storyteller,” Tagouri explains.

Watching Trump supporters face increased security and restrictions at airports after the attempted insurrection at the Capitol was something that surprised Tagouri. “I didn’t know that in my lifetime I would see a white man go through what always happens to Muslims for no reason.”

“It didn’t give me a good feeling to call someone else a terrorist, because white supremacists will never be considered terrorists in America the same way black, brown and Muslim people have been,” she said. “Once we realized that white supremacy was supported by the state and you actually tackle that part, it's like, oh now we have to handle white supremacy.”