Zack Moss, Josh Reynolds top list of last-minute fantasy pickups

Fantasy Football Live’s Andy Behrens and Matt Harmon break down the top trending players who are being added ahead of Week 2.

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: Welcome to week 2. We are fully licensed and accredited fantasy professionals, and we are here to help. I'm Andy Behrens. I'm joined by the great Matt Harmon. Let's take a look at the moves that the Yahoo Fantasy community is actually making on game day. We're going to hit the research tab, then the transaction trends, and then we're going to find the most added players across all Yahoo Fantasy Football leagues. Matt, there's people out there who aren't going to have Christian Watson this week, who might not have Amari Cooper this week. Which receivers are of interest to you?

MATT HARMON: Yeah, probably not going to have Diontae Johnson on Monday night either, which is why over 13,000 people added Allen Robinson to their Fantasy rosters yesterday on Yahoo. What a time to be alive, baby. We have already reached the "we got to add Allen Robinson" portions of the proceedings. And, Andy, you and I contributed to this because, look, I think--


MATT HARMON: --these two guys, Allen Robinson and Calvin Austin too, another guy I want to talk about here in this Steelers passing game, two guys that I think are going to have to step up, right? Look, this offense looked very uninspiring in week 1. I'm not, like, rushing out to play either of these two guys here, you know, especially because the Browns defense looks absolutely ferocious. I think we're going to leave week 2 talking about one of the-- the Browns defense as one of the units we need to fear as fantasy players. But I still think they should be on rosters.

You know, Robinson, I think, is a good fit in this big slot receiver role. And Calvin Austin, man, he didn't play his entire rookie year. I really liked what I saw out of him in Memphis, a guy that could, despite the fact he's sub 170 pounds, line up outside, beat press man coverage, and be a vertical threat. And, man, the Steelers really need-- without Diontae, who's their best separator, they need somebody who can consistently get open in the intermediate and deep areas. That's probably not going to be Robinson. And it's probably not going to be George Pickens either. So those guys are interesting to me.

But the number two player sandwiched between those, Josh Reynolds, I actually think is more spicy if you need someone to play right away. The guy's like an almost every route player for the Detroit Lions at this point, who need outside wide receiver help. So if you're hurting here on Sunday morning and, like, need that desperation wide receiver, I actually think Reynolds in that offensive environment is a little more interesting.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, Marvin Jones certainly did not distinguish himself in week 1 in any way. I will just direct people's attention to the two most added running backs in Yahoo leagues right now, Zack Moss and Josh Kelley. I'm going to approve both of those guys for immediate use in week 2. Moss presumably making his season debut this week, of course, returning from that fractured arm. And he's replacing Deon Jackson, who just had an absolute nightmare disaster game in opening week, a couple of fumbles, almost no yards. Tough scene for him.

Moss was sneaky good down the stretch last season. He was handling huge workloads. He averaged 4.9 yards per carry on the season. I think he can be helpful, particularly in a matchup at Houston today. And then you shouldn't really need any convincing on Josh Kelley because he's coming off a 91-yard rushing performance, scored a touchdown. No Austin Eckler this week. It's-- even in a difficult matchup, it is a great setup for Kelley. All right, those are our takes on a few popular Yahoo pickups. Add them as needed. Go get a win.