Josh Rosen was ghosted by Cardinals GM Steve Keim all offseason

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It has been an eventful offseason for Miami Dolphins quarterback Josh Rosen. After being mentioned in trade rumors for months, Rosen was finally traded by the Arizona Cardinals a day after the team selected Kyler Murray with the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL draft. He’s now learning a new offense and prepping for a quarterback battle with Ryan Fitzpatrick.

While that sounds like a lot, things were suspiciously quiet for Rosen in the lead-up to the draft. The 22-year-old Rosen told Rich Eisen on Tuesday that he hasn’t heard from Cardinals general manager Steve Keim all offseason.

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Under normal circumstances, maybe that wouldn’t be weird. But considering all the rumors about Rosen, and the thousands of words being spilled about his situation, it’s interesting that Keim wouldn’t fill him in on any part of it.

That was even the case with the team’s selection in the NFL draft. Rosen reportedly didn’t have confirmation the Cardinals would take Murray until a minute before the pick.

There are multiple ways to view that strategy. Some Cardinals fans have questioned whether Keim should have been a better communicator. While Rosen may not have produced like the team expected, he was drafted in the first round last year, and would have been a key player on the Cardinals had he stuck around. Given that, a portion of the fan base believes the front office should have had the courtesy to keep him in the loop.

On the other hand, how much did Keim owe Rosen? Yes, Rosen was a first-round pick, but he was only with the team for one season. This wasn’t the case where a long-tenured veteran/franchise icon got moved. It was a one-year player who hasn’t proved much yet.

It’s also not common for a GM to tell a player, “Hey, we are going to trade you.” That could create animosity and increase the chance there are leaked media reports about the situation. Keim was being risk-averse by not saying anything.

Josh Rosen hasn't heard from Steve Keim all offseason. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Josh Rosen hasn't heard from Steve Keim all offseason. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)

Now that Rosen is gone, he shouldn’t expect to hear from Keim any time soon. Their next conversation could come the next time the Dolphins play the Cardinals.

Depending on how Rosen’s career is going at that point, he may have quite a lot to say to his former general manager.


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