Watch: Josh Norman runs with the bulls in Spain – and jumps over them

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Washington cornerback <a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/nfl/players/25853/" data-ylk="slk:Josh Norman">Josh Norman</a> took part in the Running of the Bulls in Spain this week. (AP)
Washington cornerback Josh Norman took part in the Running of the Bulls in Spain this week. (AP)

Josh Norman isn’t the first, nor will he be the last, professional athlete to take part in a potentially dangerous recreational activity.

But sometimes adventure is good for the soul.

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‘This picture does that number no justice’

Norman, the Washington Redskins cornerback, posted a photo to Twitter and Instagram on Wednesday showing that he’d taken part of the Running of the Bulls in Spain.

He’s wearing a broad smile, with the sun behind him.

“A Single Picture can say a Thousand words in 1! with that being said, This picture does that number NO JUSTICE. I would start with 100 THOUSAND!!!! as the basement floor! & Elevate from there,” he wrote.

In a hashtag, Norman said it was one of the greatest days “ever in my lifetime.”

Spanish media outlet El Mundo posted a video on Twitter showing Norman, his long braids partially covering a red kerchief, in the moments before the run.

Washington likely wasn’t too happy to find out one of its players did the running, but it seems like Norman did a little more than that. Watch:


Norman posted several videos to his Instagram stories, at one point saying, “This is a great experience.”

There are people injured or sometimes killed during the running, often gored by one of the bulls. But Norman appears to have escaped unscathed.

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