Josh McDaniels was NFLPA's lowest-rated coach, followed by Ron Rivera and Arthur Smith

Raiders players weren't sorry to see Josh McDaniels go.

McDaniels, who was fired as head coach of the Raiders during the 2023 season, ranked dead last among NFL head coaches in the NFL Players Association's survey that asked players to rank their own coaches, owners and team facilities.

"The responding players’ strong negative assessment of the former head coach significantly brought down the club’s overall ranking. The hope is that newly hired head coach Antonio Pierce will create a better working environment to match the top-of-the line facilities in Las Vegas," the NFLPA's report said.

Former Commanders head coach Ron Rivera ranked 31st in players' approval, followed by former Falcons head coach Arthur Smith. It's not surprising that the coaches who were the worst at developing relationships with their players all lost their jobs.

Among coaches who kept their jobs, the head coach who received the lowest rating was Dennis Allen of the Saints, who ranked 29th in the NFLPA survey.