Josh McDaniels: Colts scheme won’t “dramatically change” under Jeff Saturday

The Colts’ unprecedented decision to hire Jeff Saturday as interim head coach has implications not just for Indianapolis, but also for its opponent in Week 10, Las Vegas.

There is a significant element of the unknown when it comes to how Saturday will coach or how new playcaller Parks Frazier will handle the offense. But Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels said Wednesday that he’s not expecting the Colts to look completely different after Sunday’s kickoff.

“I do know Jeff in terms of the person. This guy was a great, great football player. I think he knows the game really, really well,” McDaniels said in his press conference. “Again, I’m not in their building so I don’t really know, but I would assume that they’re going to let the coaches that have been there to coach. And the scheme isn’t going to dramatically change on offense, defense, or in the kicking game. And we talked this morning, they’re going to be ready to go because Jeff will have them ready to go.”

McDaniels added that given Saturday is a football player and person at heart, he’ll keep the team playing with toughness.

“[T]hey’re ranked highly in basically every category on defense. I don’t think that will change at all,” McDaniels said. “They’re very good in the kicking game. And then offensively, I know they’ve had some turnover issues, but they’ve historically been very good running the football with this group there. Got a lot of big play receivers and tight ends.

“So, I think Jeff will really focus in on what do we want to do to play a complementary game. That’s what I’m expecting from them, and I’m sure we’re going to get their best effort for sure.”

One would think the Raiders have an advantage this weekend, given all the changes the Colts have gone through not just this week, but also over the last month. But the 2022 Raiders have blown leads of at least 17 points three times this season. Nothing is guaranteed.

Josh McDaniels: Colts scheme won’t “dramatically change” under Jeff Saturday originally appeared on Pro Football Talk