Josh Klingler announces he will be leaving the 610 Sports Radio morning show

Another change is coming to the sports radio landscape in Kansas City.

Josh Klingler, who is co-host of the “Fescoe In The Morning” program on KCSP (610 AM), announced Tuesday that he was leaving talk radio.

“Not a joke,” Klingler said on the air. “I am retiring from daily radio. I’ve been doing this for 30-something years all told six and seven days a week and kind of decided, probably after the football season if I’m being honest. ...

“My get-into-work time has been gradually getting later and later and later. And it’s just because getting up sucks. And there’s no other show I would want to do. There’s no other thing I would want to do in media. And just decided for me that this was like the perfect time to walk away.”

Klingler said his last day will be “around July 15” and noted he has been at Sports Radio 610 for 20 years. That includes the last 14 with Bob Fescoe on the morning program.

While stepping down from KCSP, Klingler said he will continue to work Chiefs radio broadcasts, along with television gigs.

Fescoe fought back tears as he discussed Klingler’s planned departure.

“You’re the longest relationship I’ve ever been in besides my marriage,” Fescoe said. “Think about it. I mean, we’ve been doing this almost 15 years, right? I’ve been with you longer than one of my children has been alive.

He added: “I‘m happy for you. ... It’s tough. It is. It’s tough for me. It’s gonna be tough today. It’s gonna be a tough process. We’ve had a tough year, you and I. And I will just say this, I’m looking forward to what the future holds. But I will never forget the 14-plus years that we’ve spent together. It’s been truly wonderful for me.”

This is the second change to KC sports talk radio in the last two weeks.

Nate Bukaty stepped away from “The Border Patrol” on WHB (810 AM) late last month.

Klinger said this wasn’t a full retirement.

“If I wanted to do radio, there’s no reason I would do radio anywhere else,” Klingler said. “There’s no point in it. So, still doing Chiefs, still do some freelance TV, if possible, to keep a little bit of sports in me, but whatever the next thing is ... it won’t be daily media.

“I don’t know what’s next but I’m kind of excited about that.”