Josh Heupel discusses Tennessee using Guardian Caps for player safety

Guardian Caps are worn by student-athletes in Tennessee football practices.

Guardian Cap is a leader in soft-shell helmet covers that are engineered for impact reduction. It uses padded, soft-shell technology on the outside of the decades old hard-shell football helmet. The product reduces impact up to 33 percent.

Third-year Tennessee head coach Josh Heupel discussed the Vols wearing Guardian Caps for player safety.

“It’s something that I had not used as an assistant, and when I got to UCF I was interested in and they had been using previously,” Heupel said. “It’s something that as we came here they were using it consistently. At the end of the day, every coach in the country, head coach and assistants, you’re trying to get the work that you need in over the course of training camp or practice during the week. At the same time, you’re trying to take care of your players.

“As we found more out about this game and how to keep their heads healthy, you’re looking for every advantage to put your players in the best position to be safe. We’ve been using it here. We do see that it’s limited. The things that happen, in particular over the course of training camp, and the long term research that’s taken place, a lot of it through the NFL, just repetitive hits and how that affects you long term during your life potentially, we feel like it’s definitely the right thing to do and use to make sure we’re taking care of our players the best way we can. Our medical staff, our training staff, do a great job of continuing to track all that information and make sure we’re staying up to date.”

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Photo by Dan Harralson, Vols Wire

Story originally appeared on Vols Wire