Josh Harris’ wife, Marjorie, a very pleasant guest on local radio

“We are going to be in the community. It’s what we do, it’s what we like to do,” explained Marjorie Harris.

Wife of Commanders majority owner, Josh, Marjorie is the chair of the Washington Commanders Foundation. Marjorie appeared on the Grant and Danny Show Wednesday on 106.7 The Fan in Washington, D.C.

Marjorie, along with the 2024 rookie class, Washington Legends, and Commanders employees, were hosting a Day of Service in three area locations.

Interestingly enough, Grant Paulsen began by asking whether she preferred “Marjorie or Mrs. Harris.” Think Daniel Snyder insisting on being addressed as Mr. Snyder. However, in this case, Marjorie replied that she preferred Marjorie and that “Mrs. Harris is my husband’s mom.”

Marjorie committed Wednesday to being a very active community service day. She was talking with Grant and Danny from an elementary school, and she displayed a sense of humor, informing Grant and Danny that she could assure them she was not purchasing any beers for the elementary students.

Rather than simply raking in their millions and keeping it to themselves,  Marjorie explained to Grant and Danny that Wednesday was their first day of giving back to the community.

“This is part of buying a sports team. To us, this is a community asset, and we believe in sharing with the community.”

Marjorie enjoyed the fact that several team members had joined in the efforts across town on Wednesday. “I think this is a part of the culture of the organization that we’re building…We want everyone that is a part of it to feel the same way that we’re here to build a championship team, and at the same time, give back to the community and make sure that as we succeed on the field, the city succeeds as well.”

There was a lot of fun during the on air exchange as Marjorie displayed a sense of being able to relate well personally with Grant and Danny, and they were enjoying her not taking herself too seriously as well. She even commented humorously regarding the handshake last year on national television between her husband, Josh, and Joe Buck.

It was a good start for Marjorie in the community, and hopefully, many will begin to take part in her efforts to lead the Commanders in Community Service events.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire