Josh Donaldson gets ejected after homering and talking trash to ump

Mike Oz
·1 min read

We’ve seen plenty of baseball players get ejected for arguing with umpires, but not quite like what happened with Minnesota Twins star Josh Donaldson on Thursday — he was tossed after homering.

More specifically, Donaldson was thrown out of the game after he talked trash to umpire Dan Bellino while crossing the plate, then went back and kicked dirt over home plate.

Not exactly your normal player-ump beef. Observe:

Hitters won’t generally be upset with an umpire after hitting a dinger — in this case, Donaldson was still upset about a strike call before the homer that he didn’t like. You’d think a homer would wash away all worries, but Josh Donaldson isn’t most players.

Here’s the strike call he didn’t agree with:

Should Josh Donaldson chill out? Maybe. Nonetheless, we’ll accept this entertaining entry into the history books of odd MLB ejections.

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