Josh Dobbs won Sunday's game with his arm and his legs

He led all rushers on the day, for both teams, with 66 yards. He scrambled for an 18-yard touchdown. On fourth and seven with the game on the line, he ran for 22 yards.

It was a fitting development for a local kid who grew up watching Mike Vick gain yardage on the ground with the Falcons.

Vikings quarterback Josh Dobbs, who hails from Alpharetta, ultimately won Sunday's game with his legs as much as with his arm. After the 31-28 win, I asked Dobbs when he decides to take off with the ball.

"When everyone's covered," he said. "If they cover everyone up, they usually don't have someone for me and I'm able to take advantage . . . . of what the defense has given me."

So why haven't defenses adjusted to keep him from running?

"Well, I do a good job of taking what the defense is giving me," Dobbs said. "There's opportunities to throw it down the field. I'm not just running, you know? I'm taking advantage of those looks, those throws. It makes it difficult. We’re playing disciplined football and when the defense is giving you a look to throw you're throwing it, they're not giving you a look to throw, you're running it. It keeps them on their heels. As long as I keep doing that, man, it'll be difficult for teams to defend us."

It was difficult with Dobbs barely prepared to play. What happens when Dobbs actually gets nire comfortable?

That's coming in six days, when the Saints come to town.