Josh Dobbs could start eight games for Cardinals, nine for Vikings

The well-traveled Josh Dobbs is traveling again. And the trade that sends him from the Cardinals to the Vikings is unprecedented.

Dobbs, who was traded by the Browns to the Cardinals before the start of the season, has started eight games for Arizona this year. He could now start up to nine for the Vikings.

Starting quarterbacks are rarely traded during a given season. In 2017, Jimmy Garoppolo started two games during Tom Brady's #Deflategate suspension. Garoppolo was later traded to the 49ers, and he started five games for San Francisco that year.

Way back in 1958, Bobby Layne started one game for the Lions before being traded to the Steelers, where he started 10 games.

Dobbs likely was going to start one more game at the most in Arizona, before heading to the bench for Kyler Murray. Now, Dobbs has a chance to get up to speed quickly in a quarterback-friendly offense for an unlikely playoff contender.

The Vikings will be his seventh NFL team. He was drafted in the fourth round by the Steelers in 2017. He has played for the Jaguars, Browns, and Titans. He was on the Lions' practice squad in 2022.

Dobbs has 10 career starts, all of which coincidentally have come in the 10 most recent NFL regular-season weekends. Will he run that streak to 11? We'll find out on Sunday, when the Vikings face the Falcons.