Josh Allen: Stefon Diggs “bad rep” wasn’t deserved

Mike Florio
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Bills quarterback Josh Allen has a high-end receiver on his roster for the first time in his NFL career. Allen has worked briefly with Stefon Diggs in Florida, and Diggs made a significant impression on Allen.

“I’ll tell you, this man loves to work,” Allen told reporters this week. “He loves to get on the field and run routes and talk to the guys and explain how he’s running routes and explain what works for him to these young cats.”

Allen’s experience ran contrary to the things he’d seen and heard about Diggs.

“It was very, very awesome to see just the amount of detail that he puts into his craft, how communicative he was, how willing he was to learn,” Allen said. “And he wasn’t there for himself. He was there for the betterment of the team and wanted to hang out with the guys and wanted to learn and get to know the guys and I thought that was pretty special. You hear all these crazy stories in the media and I think he’s had a bad rep where he was at.”

But there really haven’t been many “crazy stories” about Diggs. He’s a great guy, an intense competitor. The only knock on Diggs is that, at times, lack of footballs flying in his direction will cause him to react — like many NFL receivers have done, still do, and will continue to do. The biggest problem occurred last year, when by all appearances Diggs went AWOL for a couple of days after a Week Four loss to the Bears. It also seems that Diggs and quarterback Kirk Cousins never truly meshed; it likely wasn’t a coincidence that Diggs began to publicly push for a trade on the same day that the Vikings extended Cousins’ contract.

Regardless, Diggs got what he wanted. He’s happy now. And he’ll likely be happy with a strong-armed quarterback who will be firing the ball in his direction repeatedly.

Josh Allen: Stefon Diggs “bad rep” wasn’t deserved originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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