Josh Allen: It's one game, we won't let it turn into two

Bills quarterback Josh Allen didn't leave Monday night's game with a torn Achilles, but there wasn't much else to like about the way things went for him in a 22-16 overtime loss to the Jets.

Allen threw three interceptions and lost a fumble as the Jets rallied from 13-3 down without Aaron Rodgers to earn a victory in the season opener. After the game, Allen said that he was the reason that Buffalo lost the game and there wasn't much argument in response to that view.

On Wednesday, Allen said he was moving past blaming himself and turning toward putting together a better effort against the Raiders.

"Obviously, gotta play smarter football," Allen said. "I thought our team did a lot of good things, don't want to take away from that. In the grand scheme of things, it's one game and we're not going to let it turn into two."

Allen was clear that smarter would not mean risk-free as he said he won't let the game impact him moving forward and that trying for big plays is a "double-edged sword" that has paid off for the Bills many times in recent years. He also noted that he plans to play a long time, so it "might not be the last" time he throws three interceptions in a game.

The Bills will be hoping it is at least the last time for a long time.