Josh Allen: Bills won’t let one game define us

Josh Alper

Bills quarterback Josh Allen had one of the best games of his career against the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, but memories of that effort faded as Sunday’s game against the Ravens unfolded.

The Ravens threw blitz after blitz at Allen and many of them got home. Allen took six sacks and 12 hits over the course of the 24-17 loss and he went 17-of-39 when he was able to get the ball into the air. Allen also only ran twice for nine yards as the Ravens were able to take that aspect of his game away as well.

While Allen struggled, guard Jon Feliciano said “everyone believes in him” and Allen said that the Bill won’t allow Sunday’s result change their view of themselves.

“We lost by seven points to a really good team,” Allen said, via Matthew Fairburn of “We’re not going to let one game define us and one game make us.”

The Steelers are next on the schedule for the Bills and they’re about as fond of blitzing as their mates from the AFC North, so Allen and the Bills will get a chance to prove that Sunday’s game didn’t define the formula for beating them.

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