Jose Mourinho: Former Manchester United and Chelsea manager outlines plan for next job and admits World Cup attraction

Jack Rathborn
The Independent

Jose Mourinho would like to manage at international level as hopes of finding a new club before the start of next season fade.

The Portuguese has been assessing his options, having previously outlined his intent to find a club by the end of June.

But he is now intrigued by the possibility of his next job taking him to a World Cup or European Championship.

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"I want to compete in new competitions," the 56-year-old told Eleven Sports. "I think about the World Cup and the European Championships.

"For a long time I have had the desire to try out such an adventure. Right now, I see myself more at a national team than with a new club. Is Portugal the right team for me? Not necessarily.

Mourinho has been working as a pundit for beIN SPORTS, and featured alongside Arsene Wenger for the Champions League final.

The 56-year-old appears to have shifted his philosophy somewhat to, outlining his ambition to be happy, rather than striving to just win, with a long-term project "to create conditions to win" also appealing to him.

Jose Mourinho has featured as a pundit since being sacked by United (beIN SPORTS )
Jose Mourinho has featured as a pundit since being sacked by United (beIN SPORTS )

"Winning a fifth championship in a different country or the Champions League with a third club are things I'd like to do," he added.

"I wouldn't do it just for that. I only go where a project convinces me."

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