Jorge Masvidal indicates he’s leaving Twitter over Trump ban. His followers don’t seem to mind.

Simon Samano, The Blue Corner
·3 min read

UFC star Jorge Masvidal is what you would call “big mad” about President Donald Trump being banned from Twitter.

Twitter permanently banned the president from its platform Friday, citing risk that he would incite further violence in the wake of a pro-Trump mob storming the Capitol, which resulted in five deaths. The attempted coup took place Wednesday as Congress was in the middle of the certification of the Electoral College votes won by President-elect Joe Biden. While the rioting unfolded, Trump continued to issue inflammatory tweets, which didn’t come as a surprise.

Trump had been rigorously disputing the election results since Nov. 3, arguing that widespread voter fraud took place, without proof. Many of Trump’s supporters – including Masvidal – have followed his lead in either questioning the election outcome or outright calling for the results to be overturned, even as the president’s many lawsuits failed.

All of that manifested itself into the ugly scene that took place at the Capitol, during which Masvidal was curiously silent – curious because he’s been one of Trump’s staunchest supporters, echoing the president’s anti-socialism rhetoric while also spreading unfounded conspiracy theories.

Masvidal, though, finally spoke up Saturday by taking aim at Twitter CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey for silencing Trump and indicating he was also done using the social media platform.

Not too many places I ain’t been kicked out of and since all the cool kids have been kicked off Twitter…. Reversed hand with middle finger extended @jack 🖕 Follow the leader. Ala din my way out of here #supernecessary

We’re not sure what sort of response Masvidal was expecting, but if his threat to stay off Twitter is serious, his followers generally don’t seem bothered.

Take a look:

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