Jordyn Woods joins OnlyFans: 'I bet it's going to be shocking to people'

There seems to be an influx of

celebrities turning to the subscription-

based adult content site, OnlyFans.

The newest to join is

Jordyn Woods, who used to

be Kylie Jenner’s best friend.

For a monthly fee of $20, fans can access the 23-year-old’s page.

But she’s made it clear that she’s not joining the site to take away income from sex workers —.

which was an accusation that former Disney star Bella Thorne dealt with back in late August.

Woods also announced that she’s

partnered up with photographer

Steven Gomillion for her OnlyFans posts.

“We’re creating art on here;

we’re not posting just random

selfies,” Woods told Complex.

“I bet it’s going to be shocking to people, but when they understand the bigger picture, I think it’ll all make sense”