Jordan Peele is the 1st African-American to win this Oscar — Twitter rejoices

You Win Internet

When Jordan Peele stepped onto the Oscar stage to accept the award for Best Original Screenplay at the 90th annual Academy Awards, the internet rejoiced. Peele has been a fan favorite comedian for years starring in the popular series Key and Peele and several comedic feature films.

Peele wrote, produced and made his directorial debut in Get Out which was acclaimed this year by critics and fans alike. He took home his first Oscar for the original screenplay last night.

“This means so much to me,” Peele said, clutching his Oscar on stage. The internet shared in Peele’s victory and celebrated on Twitter — including his longtime comedy partner, Keegan Michael Key.

People were especially excited about the historical significance of Peele’s win. He is the first African American to win an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

While all the reactions were positive, no one was more surprised by the win than Peele himself, who wrote on Twitter:

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