Jordan Love’s mom comes to every game, whether he’s playing or not

One thing is constant for Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love: His mom is always in the stands.

Love, who will start his first NFL game on Sunday, said Friday that his mother, Anna, comes to every game, whether he’s expected to play or not. The tradition started in college as a redshirt freshman at Utah State.

“Trust me, it’s crazy. My mom, she’s very awesome,” Love said Friday. “She’s been doing that since college when I was redshirting as a freshman, knowing I’m not even suiting up to see the field, she was there. I tell her, ‘You know I’m not playing, you don’t have to go out of your way to come to these games.’ She’s like, ‘No, I’m going to be there. I want to see you.’ So, that’s been awesome. She’s been at every game. It’s nice to know she’s there. I try to look for her in the stands. It’s an awesome feeling. She’s great. She’s amazing. Just shows how much she loves me and cares about me to be there.”

Anna has remained the steady presence in Love’s life. His father, Orbin, committed suicide when Love was only 14 years old, a life-changing moment documented in greater detail by Chase Goodbread of

Five years of attending games – starting in 2017 – will reach a new high point for Anna when Love, the Packers, 2020 first-round pick, makes his first NFL regular-season start on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium, one of the loudest outdoor venues in the NFL.

Since being drafted by the Packers, Love has only appeared in two regular-season games, and he was inactive for all 18 games, including the playoffs, as a rookie in 2020.

Who knows how his first big moment as a professional quarterback will turn out, but Love can be confident his mom will be there to see it in person. And no one is more appreciative of that comforting reality than the Packers quarterback.


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