Jordan Hicks not fined for helmet-to-helmet hit on Brock Purdy

49ers quarterback Brock Purdy ended up in the concussion protocol after Monday night's game, possibly due to a hit to the facemask from the helmet of Vikings linebacker Jordan Hicks. Hicks, however, was not fined for the incident.

This week's disclosure of fines by the league does not include Hicks. Which obviously means he was not fined for lowering his head and making forcible contact with Purdy.

The video seems to suggest otherwise. Perhaps the league's position on the matter is that going head first into a cluster of bodies is different from ramming a player in the open field.

That's the only viable explanation, because the video seemed to suggest that Hicks did what the rule added as of 2018 seems to prohibit.

Regardless, Hicks was not fined. And Purdy has been cleared to play on Sunday against the Bengals.