Jordan Addison on playing with Justin Jefferson: I've got to make sure I win 1-on-1

At this point, everyone knows Justin Jefferson is one of the league's top receivers — if not the best outright.

Minnesota rookie receiver Jordan Addison plans to benefit from Jefferson's reputation and performance.

Gearing up for Week 1, Addison is looking forward to seeing how teams cover Jefferson because it should leave him with favorable matchups.

“That’s what excites me,” Addison said, via Dane Mizutani of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. “All I’ve got to do is make sure I win 1-on-1.”

But Addison wasn't giving anything away as to how he might be deployed against the Buccaneers on Sunday.

"You’re going to see what’s in the game plan,” Addison said. “I don’t want to put any numbers out there. ... I want to make sure I’m making successful plays for my team to make sure we come out with this dub.”

Generally, Addison is just excited to play a game that counts for the first time.

“This is where I always wanted to be, just playing in the NFL," Addison said. "I never knew what team it was going to be. Now that it’s the Vikings, I get to go put that logo on and really live out that dream. I’m going to make sure I go out there and have a whole lot of fun.”