Jones’ skills hiding in 'dysfunctional' NE offense

Chris Simms explains to Mike Florio how Mac Jones’ “incredible” anticipation and accuracy “through the roof” earn him the No. 20 slot in his Top 40 QB Countdown.

Video Transcript

- How do you put him at number 20?

- Well, here's the thing. Because I know, and I play this game. You know that. And you know what? I'm hearing other people start to play this game a little bit, which I think should be, right? Like we talked about earlier, Christian McCaffrey is really good. He didn't look really good on the Carolina Panthers early last year. Oh, he got on a really good team and then looked like an All-Pro player? Oh, shocker. OK.

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So, you know, let's play that game. I mean, do you think Mac Jones if he was on the Dolphins wouldn't have looked a little different last year? Do you think Tua, more importantly, could have looked as good as Mac Jones playing on that crap last year? I don't think so, right?

- He would have needed the safety scissors because it was definitely a first grade offense.

- Exactly, right? So when you break down Mac Jones, he's better than you realize last year. He did not have a lot of help around him. No weapon to worry about, right? The offense, we talked about it, it was dysfunctional and not detailed and not very creative, right? But he's an incredible decision-maker. He has got incredible anticipation, and his accuracy is through the roof.

And yeah, his arm is not real powerful, right? But it's like above average NFL starting quarterback arm. But because of all the other things I said, he makes a number of big-time power throws because of his feel and his ability to read the defense, and his touch, and all that, and his ability to put the ball on the money where, man, he makes 15, 18, 25-yard throws on the money on the regular.


Now, are those guys open and can they protect him all the time? No. Not exactly. Early in the year, he was a little careless, I think, trying to make a few plays happen and force the offense to get over the hump, ala the Ravens game where he throws 3 interceptions.

But once he settled in and all that, man, physically he's quick, he runs better than people think. He's got a very quick release too. Not Tua or Aaron Rodgers quick, but it's damn quick. And, again, let's stop puts all the offensive struggles and the team struggles on the quarterback. Mac Jones can run an offense if you give him the tools.

- Well, and now you've got the tools. Now you've got a real offensive coach. And this isn't a knock on Matt Patricia. He never should have been put in that position.

- Right. Never should have been. And for him, it's like, yeah, I can do this. I've been coaching football for a long time. He doesn't understand it. Somebody needs to protect him from that. That's where Bill Belichick failed.