Jones' extension could be his last big contract

Mike Florio and Chris Simms evaluate how Patrick Mahomes' contract could play a role in Chris Jones’ move to seek an extension.

Video Transcript

MIKE FLORIO: Look, they're working on a Chris Jones extension. Brett Veach, the GM of the team, addressed that over the weekend. And what the Patriots always did with Tom Brady's contract, when someone would want more money--


MIKE FLORIO: --who do you think you are?


MIKE FLORIO: Look at Tom Brady. He's taking less. Who do you think you are? And I don't know that Chris Jones is going to play that game. It's like, hey, hey, if Mahomes, if Mahomes wants to do a stupid deal for him, I'm not doing a stupid deal for me. I know what my value is. I know that, I know that those two Super Bowl trophies that you got, without me, you wouldn't have them. I mean, without Mahomes you wouldn't have them.


MIKE FLORIO: Without me, you wouldn't have them.


MIKE FLORIO: Because without me, without me, Jimmy Garoppolo throws a ball to George Kittle when he's wide ass open--


MIKE FLORIO: --across the middle, when the 49ers are trying to hold their lead in Super Bowl LIV. Without me, Joe Burrow leads the Bengals down the field and beats you again at Arrowhead Stadium in the AFC Championship and goes to the Super Bowl again and plays the Eagles, not us, without me.

Without me, you're not a budding dynasty. Without me, you haven't won a Super Bowl since Len Dawson was the quarterback and Willie Lanier was the middle linebacker. Those things don't happen without me. Chris Jones, and we'll see if Chris Jones makes that argument.

CHRIS SIMMS: Well, he has to.

MIKE FLORIO: It's true.

CHRIS SIMMS: You got to make the argument. Now, what I would say is, like, hey, he's a defensive tackle in the NFL. Mahomes is going to play 10 more years in the NFL, right? Maybe more than that. This could be the last big contract for Chris Jones.

I mean, he's 29. I think he's getting, or maybe in good close to 30. He's getting to that age. All right, so he's 29 in July here, where yeah, this might be the last big time payday he can get. And as we said a million times this year, he was the best defensive tackle in football this year.

He's been top two. It's him or Aaron Donald over the last three or four years. And he's being paid at the sixth highest clip right now. You know, DeForest Buckner, Javon Hargrave, Daron Payne, Jeffery Simmons are all making more money than Chris Jones. And Chris Jones is better than all of them. So I understand that, and I think there should be a little more desperation with that contract right now.