Jonathan Taylor scores as Colts take first quarter lead

The tush push didn't work for the Colts at the 1-yard line. Giving the ball to Jonathan Taylor did.

Facing third-and-goal from the 1, the Colts called for quarterback Gardner Minshew to attempt the "tush push" quarterback sneak. And the Colts showed once again what teams keep learning: The seemingly unstoppable tush push only seems to work when Jalen Hurts is doing it behind the Eagles' offensive line. Minshew was stopped for no gain.

But on fourth-and-goal, Minshew gave the ball to Jonathan Taylor, who cut to the right and then found his way into the end zone to give the Colts a 7-3 lead over the Patriots.

We're only two possessions into the game and we've already seen a 13-play scoring drive from the Patriots and a 14-play scoring drive from the Colts. The offense has been impressive in Germany.