Jonathan Allen explains what makes Taylor Heinicke special

Washington Commanders defensive tackle Jonathan Allen joined the “Sports Junkies” on 106.7 The Fan Monday for his weekly appearance to discuss his team’s win over Green Bay.

The Junkies led off the interview by asking Allen about the photo of him embracing quarterback Taylor Heinicke in the locker room after the Commanders’ 23-21 win over the Packers.

Allen laughed and said Heinicke apologized for the pick-six, for which he responded, “Taylor, shut up, bro, we just one. Who cares.” Then laughed off the photo by saying the cameras caught them at a good time or bad time, depending on how you looked at it.

As for Heinicke, Allen was asked why Washington players seemed to rally around him.

“When people talk about the “it” factor, it’s kind of hard to explain to someone who’s not really involved in sports,” Allen said. “But you look at Taylor, he has “it.” He’s not the biggest, not the strongest, not the most athletic, but he just has “it,” whatever “it” is. He’s just a football player.”

The Junkies asked Allen if it was because Heinicke had that “grinder” mentality.

“He’s just a guy you want to play hard for,” Allen said. “Great dude, even better teammate and he can play some damn good football. He really has it going for him, I’m really excited to see what he can do.”

As always, it was an excellent listen. Allen explains the previous game and tasks about the week ahead. He is excited to play the Indianapolis Colts this weekend.

Before ending the interview, unprompted, Allen had more praise for Heinicke.

“Taylor’s a baller; the team responds to him,” Allen said. “We are excited.”

People will knock Heinicke for what he can’t do, but don’t tell that to Allen or anyone in Washington’s locker room.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire