Jon Stewart interrupts ‘Late Show’ from under Colbert’s desk with charity contest winner

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On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart spent some time under Colbert’s desk with one lucky fan. The fan, Rachel, had won an Omaze raffle to spend a night under Colbert’s desk to benefit NEXT for AUTISM. Rachel spent the entire show under the desk, at one point getting to deliver a punchline during Colbert’s monologue, and at another getting to ask David Cross a question. Stewart only spent one segment under there with her, and he made the most of it, repeatedly interrupting Colbert as he tried to tell jokes.

Obviously still glowing from the magic of the royal wedding, Stewart pretended he was there and told Rachel all about it. Stewart excitedly said, “So, as soon as Meghan says ‘I do,’and they kiss, right? I say—I turn to (Queen) Elizabeth, I was sitting next to Elizabeth, and I say, ‘Yaass, queen.’”

Later, Colbert was interrupted by a sharp pain in his leg. Stewart explained that he was just showing Rachel his “Chinese death throwing stars.” Colbert was quick to correct Stewart, telling him they were in fact not Chinese, but they were Japanese shuriken. Also, they were rubber.

And finally, it may not look like it just watching the show, but there is apparently a ton of room under Colbert’s desk. Enough room at least for Stewart to pretend to attempt to play Twister. But eventually, Colbert had had enough. “You need to keep it down! I don’t want to hear another peep from you!” Colbert yelled before attempting to move along with a joke. But, of course, Stewart answered with a, “Peep.”

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