Jon Jones crashed an interview to take a childish dig at Francis Ngannou

Jon Jones went two weeks without tweeting but then Francis Ngannou’s groundbreaking new contract with the PFL was announced Tuesday, and he got all mad about it.

Ever since then, it’s been bad take after bad take from the UFC heavyweight champion, who went from being glad that Ngannou “knows his worth” to …


Who does that? The lineal heavyweight champion who never lost his title. I don’t recall Jones ever giving Daniel Cormier credit for being the “real” UFC light heavyweight champ without ever beating him. Same energy, no?

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Except the Super Bowl winning quarterback would get a fat contract from either his own team or another one in free agency without ever thinking about leaving the NFL to get paid his worth. Doesn’t Jones have brothers in the NFL who can teach him about this?


What I notice is Jones took three years off when he could’ve fought Ngannou at any point while he was still under UFC contract during that time, but I digress.


As bad as those Twitter takes were, there was more.

Later in the week, Jones apparently was in the room while his teammate and training partner Maurice Greene did an interview with MMA Mania. And once he heard Ngannou’s name mentioned during a question, Jones couldn’t help himself and crashed the interview to take a dig at him.

“Francis is a p*ssy and always gon’ be a p*ssy,” Jones said. “With all that muscle.”


How silly – and childish, really. But I suppose that’s what we should come to expect from Jon Jones at 35: the same level of maturity he had at 25.

The situation isn’t hard to understand: Ngannou vs. Jones isn’t happening because Ngannou “is a p*ssy.” The fight isn’t happening because Ngannou possessed the self-dignity to stand up for himself against the UFC in a way that no fighter ever has. Without locking him up to a long-term restrictive contract, the UFC wasn’t going to make the fight. Ngannou said no thank you and received his worth elsewhere.

It’s that simple.

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