Jon Jones ‘B' Sample Returns Same Positive Result for Steroids

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Jon Jones Breaks His Silence: ‘I Would Never Do Steroids'
Jon Jones Breaks His Silence: ‘I Would Never Do Steroids'

Jon Jones‘ B sample has been returned with the same results as previously discovered, as the UFC light heavyweight champion has tested positive for steroids.

Jones tested positive for the anabolic steroid Turinabol in a sample provided on July 28, one day ahead of his fight at UFC 214 against Daniel Cormier. Following the positive test, Jones' team requested that the ‘B' sample also be tested and those results have just been returned.

It must be noted that ‘B' samples rarely ever return different results from the ‘A' sample.

“Mr. Jones B sample has confirmed the A sample findings. Importantly – as previously stated – due process should occur before drawing any conclusions about this matter,” a USADA spokesperson confirmed in an email to

ESPN initially reported the news on Tuesday.

The result was likely expected by Jones and his team following the positive test from the ‘A' sample, but now the reigning light heavyweight champion will begin his adjudication process.

There's no timeline on how long that could take to play out if Jones requests arbitration with USADA over the drug test results.

Jones faces up to a four-year suspension for the positive drug test as a repeat offender after he tested positive for two different banned substances — clomiphene and Letrozol — in 2016 ahead of his scheduled fight at UFC 200.

Jones eventually went into arbitration with USADA in that case as well and it was confirmed that the positive test stemmed from a tainted sexual enhancement pill he had purchased over the internet. Unfortunately for Jones, USADA considered him reckless in the matter and handed him a maximum one-year suspension.

Now with a second positive test coming back almost exactly one year later, Jones faces an even stiffer penalty as a result.

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Jones' team has already suggested that he may be the victim of another tainted supplement and they will attempt to prove that if he goes into arbitration with USADA once again.

As of now, Jones remains on a provisional suspension pending the outcome of his adjudication process with USADA. Jones also faces a potential penalty from the California State Athletic Commission, which was the governing body overseeing his fight in July where he knocked out Cormier in the third round to win back the UFC light heavyweight title.

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