Jokic's got jokes: "If Luka gets pissed off in Dallas" he can come to Denver

Dallas Mavericks v Denver Nuggets
Dallas Mavericks v Denver Nuggets

The bromance between Nikola Jokic and Luka Doncic was on full display during All-Star Weekend in Indianapolis. Like when Jokic snuck up behind Doncic during Saturday's media availability and poured water down his hoodie.

So it went all weekend. Then, after the All-Star Game, Jokic was asked in Serbian about teaming up with Doncic and joked, "If Luka gets pissed off in Dallas, he can come."

Humor doesn't translate well on social media sometimes — and there are always people looking to light a fire for the clicks — but Jokic is joking. You can see the little smirk on Jokic's face at the end, plus anyone who has watched his interviews in the last few years knows his sense of humor.

Are there people around the league watching for signs of Doncic asking out of Dallas? Yes, but that's true of every superstar (see the buzz around LeBron James during All-Star weekend). Would Denver be interested if Doncic tried to force his way out of Dallas? Sure. So would 28 other teams. Is any of this going to happen? No. While one should never say never when it comes to player movement in the NBA, this would be as close to never as it can get (Denver would have to extend Jamal Murray and then sign-and-trade him with picks and young players even to get Dallas to consider it, and other teams would have better trade packages).

Let Jokic and Doncic have their fun, joke with each other and live the life. That's what All-Star weekend is about.