Will joining the Big Ten cause USC to change its recruiting approach?

USC’s move to the Big Ten is one year closer to becoming reality. As soon as the May transfer portal window ends, USC’s player acquisition activities in connection with the 2023 college football season will wind down. Future recruiting and transfer movements will be focused on 2024, the Trojans’ first season in the Big Ten Conference. We’re at a point in time when most of USC’s planning and maneuvers — reflecting the program’s long-term vision — will affect how the program establishes itself in the Big Ten Conference, not the Pac-12.

It’s a new reality to adjust to, and it certainly feels weird since USC is still preparing for one more season in the Pac-12, but it does represent the future of Trojan football.

It’s impossible to avoid the question of how USC recruiting will be influenced by the Big Ten. There is a “chicken and egg” dimension to all of this: Was USC always going to need to recruit in the DMV (Washington, D.C., and Baltimore) regardless of its conference affiliation, or did the move to the Big Ten place fresh emphasis on recruiting in areas where the Trojans haven’t generally been that strong?

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