Join Yahoo! Sports and Ball Don’t Lie on Twitter, hashtag #FinalsChat, for Game 2

Ball Don't Lie Staff
Ball Don't Lie

Excited for the NBA Finals? Join the BDL crew for a live Finals Chat on Twitter during Thursday night's Game 2. We'll be cracking jokes, sharing observations and talking about the game with NBA fans like you. Participate by using the hashtag #FinalsChat, and don't forget to follow @YahooBDL for your daily NBA fix.

Of course, it goes beyond this. Chris Bosh is starting Game 2. The Oklahoma City Thunder are not only playing ahead in a massive series, but playing ahead against a massive and very famous team that this cadre of OKC kiddies is expected to beat. Scott Brooks is going to have to think on his feet as a Pat Riley acolyte (remember, Brooks is "only" a Jeff Van Gundy protégé; barely able to beat out Chris Jent in his year with JVG) in Erik Spoelstra turns the screws in his team's best chance to steal home court advantage. LeBron James knows that this game, and his supporting cast, is designed to break his heart. This game broke Dwyane Wade's body. James and Wade's contracts broke Miami's rotation. These impending contract extensions may break Oklahoma City's chances at extending their run beyond this year.

Heady, important stuff. So why not join us? Isolate a #FinalsChat box on whatever Twitter application you use, and toss all manner of thoughts, laffs, jibes, digs, analysis, and energy. These Finals could be a pivotal turn in this league's history, and we want you around for it. Dive in, birdies …

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