Join Yahoo! Sports and Ball Don’t Lie on Twitter, hashtag #FinalsChat, for Game 5

Ball Don't Lie Staff
Ball Don't Lie

Excited for the NBA Finals? Join the BDL crew for a live Finals Chat on Twitter during Thursday night's Game 5. We'll be cracking jokes, sharing observations and talking about the game with NBA fans like you. Participate by using the hashtag #FinalsChat, and don't forget to follow @YahooBDL for your daily NBA fix.

The day started with the startling realization that LeBron James could be an NBA champion by Friday's dawn. His ringless counterpart, Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant, was also hit with a just-as surprising lawsuit from a guitar player that even us metal dorks had never heard of over a (fantastic) nickname he never really uses; before finding an actually-famous fan in a very strange (if delicious) place. Later, we went on to discuss James Harden's importance in what could be the season-deciding Game 5 that you have five things to pay attention to, Juwan Howard's level of hydration in relation to the cramp-y LeBron James, and that Mario Chalmers wears a very odd brand of shoes.

All of this, while lovely, pales in comparison to the importance of Thursday night's Game 5. So, if you do decide to take to your Twitter account to follow all things orange and leathery, why not join the minds behind Ball Don't Lie and Yahoo! Sports as they discuss what could be the final game of a wild 2011-12 NBA season? Just hit up @YahooBDL with the hashtag #FinalsChat to follow in the fun. Pray for seven games See you there.

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