Join Yahoo! Sports and Ball Don’t Lie on Twitter, hashtag #FinalsChat, for Game 4

Ball Don't Lie Staff
Ball Don't Lie

Excited for the NBA Finals? Join the BDL crew for a live Finals Chat on Twitter during Tuesday night's Game 4. We'll be cracking jokes, sharing observations and talking about the game with NBA fans like you. Participate by using the hashtag #FinalsChat, and don't forget to follow @YahooBDL for your daily NBA fix.

In most close series', the fourth game isn't pivotal. Usually it that third or fifth or first game, the odd one that tilts things before the seventh one can actually decide it.

Tuesday night's Game 4? Perhaps "pivotal" isn't the word, but "incredibly, unceasingly important" is the phrase. The Thunder have to take this one, because falling behind by two games in a series with three left to play against a team like Miami? We don't care how close the series is, and that each game could have gone either way. That's some heavy stuff, maaaan. Heavy stuff. [Eddy Curry joke]. [Immediate regret].

So join in, won't you? Knock us out with all manner of observation, innuendo, rumor, bric-a-brac, chattery-chat and pointed compliments during Game 4 on Tuesday night. We'll have fun, even as the Thunder sweat this one out.

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