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We won't bombard your phone. You get enough pings on your cell. But periodically, you’ll receive updates on the teams, revealing statistics, historical tidbits and casual musings. It’s also an opportunity to communicate directly with us. Ask questions. Or offer up your own thoughts.

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To join, just click the "Sign up now" button below, log in with your online credentials and sign up for the text group with your phone number. You'll be asked whether you want to follow Bill and Joey for football, Adam for basketball, or both.

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Here are a few quick answers to the questions you assuredly have:

Will other people see my phone number?

Nope. When you respond to a group text, the response will go back to only us. There's a chance we'll reference something you say, or a great point you make, but that'll come from our number (with credit to you, obviously), but nobody else will see your number.

Will you sell my number or use it for other nefarious purposes?

Nope. By signing up, all you'll get are text messages about Ohio State men's football and/or basketball.

How many texts are we talking about?

It'll likely vary by the day, but at least one or two in most cases. And expect more leading into, during and after games. We'll figure it out together.


Bill, Joey and Adam

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This article originally appeared on The Columbus Dispatch: Text with Ohio State football and basketball beat writers