Johnstown Garden Club holds flower show

Jul. 31—JOHNSTOWN, Pa. — Area growers had the chance this weekend to show off their growing skills at the Garden Club of Johnstown's biennial flower show "A Patriotic Summer."

Sue McCann, of Davidsville, attended the farmer's market outside of Westmont Presbyterian Church and said she stopped in to see what the club had to display.

"I always enjoy the flower show and this is an opportunity to show the efforts of the garden club," she said.

Rani Murali, chairwoman of the flower show, said that the public has enjoyed coming to see the show.

"They're learning even though some of them are gardeners, they have not seen it display it like this," she said. "So it's a learning experience for them."

She added that some of the people have mentioned joining the club which she said members are looking forward to.

Murali said it's "overwhelming" to see the show come together.

Carla Straw of Johnstown, a 28-year member of the club, had entries on display during the show.

Straw had a variety of items that she entered into the show and took home the top awards in design and in horticulture.

"I had a very, very good show," she said.

Straw said her favorite part of the show is seeing all of the entries in the design portion of the show.

She explained that each design section has a title and what everyone enters is "totally different."

"Everybody has their own opinion of what that title should be and that's one of my favorite parts too. There's one title and everybody has their own idea of what how to depict that. So, I mean, if you look up there like I did the ones towards the right. And you know, some are dark, and some were more like that category was from sea to shining sea," she said. "Some people took it literally like something under the sea. I took mine more like going from coast to coast and just nature. So that's a good part of it."