Johnson has a 'high floor' for Cardinals

Chris Simms and Ahmed Fareed discuss the Cardinals picking Paris Johnson Jr. in a "safe" move that takes the first offensive lineman off the draft board.

Video Transcript

- All right, big news, two things.

- What?

- They took a commercial break during my Detroit Lions once again.

- Oh my gosh.

- Every year, the Lions get commercialed. But then they traded out of the pick because of the disrespect. Cardinals back up on the clock at six.

- I just-- I just can't-- I can't even believe it. I mean, huge moves right here. I have no idea. The draft has gone crazy. What was I just saying before we started even like talking here, like off camera I started to--

- Yeah, you got no-- I have no idea what's gonna happen.

- No idea where it's going. No idea where it's gonna go at all. But like Jalen Carter and Tyree Will-- Tyree Wilson are on the board. We talked about in the process, right? Like, this is what might be crazy about the draft is that the best players had some red flags.

- Yes.

- And we're seeing movement because of that.

- But for Wilson--

- Right.

- Off the field.

- Jalen Carter, off the field stuff, right?

- Goodell at the podium. Cardinals with a six pick after moving up. They take Paris Johnson.

- Wow!

- The guy that Kyler--

- Kyler Murray, yeah.

- --they said it.

- Man. Man.

- They go, we're gonna get him. Wow. So our first offensive lineman off the board at six.

- I'm like, I'm surprised he's a sixth pick of the draft, right? But he is a great pass-protecting left tackle. You can see how incredibly long his arms are, right? He's a very good athlete, right? So all the things are there.

I questioned his, like, overall mass and his ability to anchor, right? That's what I'm just not totally sold about, where I was like, what, can you get into the ground and stop power rushers in the NFL and not get run over? Where I was a little questionable about that.

That's where I was a little different than maybe Arizona Cardinals. But pick six, pretty awesome. And Paris Johnson, he's everything the NFL loves-- the long arms, great footwork, right? And he does have a nasty attitude.

- But he almost looks too good in that suit. That's like a European kind of suit.

- Well, that he-- that's what I'm saying.

- Right?

- Well, I-- listen, that's where-- listen, you listen to our podcast, that's what we talk about. Is this butt big enough for me? I'm not sure. I don't know, for my left tackle. If we're building like the "Chris Simms unbuttoned Ahmed Fareed's my GM" team.

- Yes.

- Right? So that's where I wasn't sure. But I understand them going here. And it's a good safe pick with a very high floor, like we talked about.