Johnny Weir admits he's trying to look like the 'Hunger Games' announcer

Dad? (Getty Images)
Dad? (Getty Images)

If you’ve been on social media at any point during these Olympics, it’s likely you’ve seen a meme comparing NBC skating analyst Johnny Weir and Caesar Flickerman, the fictional host played by Stanley Tucci in the “Hunger Games” trilogy. You might have even made a comment or meme yourself.

The comparison has become so widespread that even Weir’s broadcasting partner Tara Lipinski has gotten into the act, posting a picture on Monday that read “when you gotta talk about figure skating at 9 … but host the Hunger Games at 11.”

It’s hard not to see the similarities. Both men sport a pomp, an overwhelming amount of makeup and are announcing a sport that means life or death (Flickerman’s a tad more literally than Weir’s.)

Weir was asked about the resemblance during NBC’s prime time coverage on Tuesday night and now he says that he’s intentionally trying to look like Flickerman each time he dives into his closet.

“I think (the talk is) hilarious,” Weir told Liam McHugh. “Going into Sochi (in 2014), Caesar Flickerman was kind of my muse in preparing and getting ready. Except I can’t laugh like he did in the movie. Now people are finally getting it. Only took them four years.”

McHugh then asked Weir to try and laugh like Flickerman and, well, he’ll probably need a little work.

Weir then closed the segment with a take on Flickerman’s catchphrase.

“May the odds forever be in your favor, skaters,” Weir said.

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