Johnny Manziel never felt at home with Browns because of former Patriots QB

Former Cleveland Browns quarterback and Texas A&M star Johnny Manziel didn’t have a great working relationship with a former New England Patriots player, and it’s not someone you’d expect.

Manziel was selected by the Browns in the first round of the 2014 NFL draft. He lasted two seasons with the organization and was a teammate of Brian Hoyer’s during that time.

Hoyer started for the Browns in the 2014 season and spent two years with the organization overall. He threw for 3,941 yards, 17 touchdowns and 16 interceptions during that time.

Manziel spoke on “Club Shay Shay” this week and talked about the dynamic of the Cleveland quarterback room during his rookie season. He pointed to Hoyer as a person who made the dynamic difficult, as transcribed by’s Jason Ounpraseuth.

“My quarterback room was not a home for me because of Brian Hoyer,” Manziel told Shannon Sharpe. “Brian Hoyer had been waiting on an opportunity to go really provide for his family, get an opportunity and he saw how much of an upper hand he had on me, and he didn’t hold back when it came to that. There were instances in the quarterback room early on where I would ask the same question a couple of times and he’d be at the head of the table and go, ‘Pfft, again? We’re doing this again? Keep him out of it. Cut that off.’ And I don’t have a bad word to say about Brian Hoyer. That is just fact what happened in that room.”

It’s interesting to hear about the dynamic of the room itself from Manziel’s point of view. Hoyer is currently a backup quarterback for the Las Vegas Raiders. If anything, it does provide extra insight into what Manziel’s early experience in the NFL was like.

It was a short run that ultimately fizzled out after two seasons.

Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire